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Indian & Nepalese Cuisine

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RARA’s experienced team of chefs aim to offer the best authentic and uniquely delicious cuisine while keeping it “light” and “balanced” through our traditional Indian and Nepalese cooking methods. The quest for such a balance can only be achieved by the meticulous use of fresh ingredients each time.

The flavours and aromas of each dish create a lasting fragrance. The meat is wonderfully tender, lean and succulent; each dish a “treat to indulge in”. Meat & Seafood platter as a starter is one of the favourite delectable items on the menu.

The spicing of each dish is artistic and subtle, light, delicate and uniquely balanced, similar to the way food is prepared in millions of homes in Nepal and Northern India. Our expert chefs are skilled in mixing and blending spices to perfection for each occasion.

Party Menus & Function Room Guidelines

Our aim is to turn you into a hassle-free host for your event. We specialise in Indian & Nepalese cuisine and tailored to all tastes, regional preferences with culinary styles and varying tastes.

Once we agreed with you on the type of the menu, you can book for a tasting event; select your chosen dishes. There is a nominal charge of £12.00 per person for food tasting. We aim to work within your budget and are committed to providing value for money. We have various price ranges of party menus.  We have the commitment to supply sufficient food in a professional way from £12 onward.

Before booking, please inquire about allergenic ingredients in the menu and let us know your dietary requirements

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