Nepalese Cuisine Party Set Menu Sample

Menus can be customised if required | Allergen & dietary information available upon request.

Canapés | Starters:

Chicken:               Lolipop, Chilli Chicken, Chicken MoMo Chilli, Tandoori Chicken, Sandeko

Lamb | Pork          Seekh Kebab, Bhutan, Lamb MoMo Chilli, Mutton Sandeko, Pork Bhutuwa

Seafood:                Fish Pakora, Chilli Fish, Fish Tikka, Fish fry

Vegetarian:           Veg Pakora, Samosa, Spring Roll, Aloo Papdi Chat, Aloo Dum, Chilly Paneer, Chilli                                          MoGo, Chiura Fry, Sel Roti, Aloo Achar, Manchurian, Garlic Mushroom


Main Course:

Chicken | Fish:      Chicken curry (on bone or off the bone), Fish Curry

Lamb | Pork:         Lamb Curry ( on bone or off the bone), Pork Curry

Vegetarian:           Tadka Daal, Daal Makhani, Chana Masala, Sag Paneer,  Aubergine Potato, Mixed                                          Vegetables , Karahi Paneer , Aloo Gobhi,  Manchurian


Rice & Naan:        Basmati Rice or Pilau Rice or Zeera Rice | Naan | Chilli, Garlic Naan

Condiments:         Chutneys, Pickles, Raita, Papadoms & Salad

Desserts:               Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun, Ice Cream, Gajar Halwa, Cheese Cakes,  Jalebi with                                       Rabdi, Rice Pudding (Kheer) etc


Soft drink:                        (Optional)


Menu & Price guidelines:
Price rates are based on event size and menu serving options. Select the menu dishes for food tasting; from £10 per person.

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Party Time:

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